Western Birth Chart

Western astrology

Western astrology is a design of prediction established for the development of a horoscope for a definite minute, such as an individual’s birth. It uses equatorial zodiac, which is regulated to the equator points.

Western astrology is established based on the progress and approximate locations of spiritual bodies like the Sun, Moon, and planets, which are sort out by their graphic angles which are parallel to each other. They are also acknowledged by their location in houses. There are twelve zodiac symbols, points, houses and “house positions of the birth chart” in astrology.

In the commitment of providing the varied astrological solutions, here is Birthastro’s Western astrology based software for planet positions and predictions.Western astrology system is mostly popular in Western world wherein the system has main focus on your psychology, the personality and basic character.This astrological calculation method is based on the orientation of Earth to Sun. It is also known as “Tropical Zodiac” as it works on a movable zodiac.